Economic Growth

Lincoln continues to enjoy unprecedented job growth and business expansion. An unemployment rate of 2.4%, an educated workforce that boasts nearly 37% of its workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher and a growing population — all hallmarks of a healthy community. I will support policies that will continue strong economic growth for all areas of our city including downtown, west and south Haymarket, south of downtown, Innovation Campus, neighborhoods, and outlying edges of our great city.

Workforce Development

While Lincoln’s dynamic economic growth and low unemployment is envied across the nation, we are now facing a shortage of skilled workers. Workforce development and retention — attracting and keeping young professionals and other workers — must be addressed. I will work with and bring together community leaders including the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Community College, Lincoln Public Schools, and others to help find solutions for this urgent need.

Public Safety and Transportation

A growing community means maintaining and (in some cases) increasing public safety and infrastructure. I support the city’s efforts to enhance the quality of life, safety, and security of our community.

Affordable Housing

To keep Lincoln a city where people want to live and work, we must also find solutions to our serious affordable housing problem. I will work with NeighborWorks, South of Downtown Community Development Organization, and other organizations to provide adequate clean, safe housing for all our citizens. All Lincolnites should have safe and attractive neighborhoods and for those who desire to, the opportunity to achieve their dreams of homeownership.

Affordable, accessible, and adequate child care

I will work to keep child care environments places where our children can grow, learn, and safely flourish. Worry-free parents equal worry-free employers, who can count on satisfied and productive employees, and most importantly to all, safe, healthy, and happy children.

Working Together

The strength of the Lincoln City Council and the Mayor’s Office is the ability to work together to solve problems and keep Lincoln moving forward. We come from different backgrounds, different professions, and yes, different political parties. What unites us is the desire to serve our citizens who expect us to rise above politics and serve the greater good.

I pledge to listen, learn, and work with other members of the City Council and the next Mayor and help set a tone of cooperation on behalf of all Lincolnites.

Fairness Ordinance

I strongly support equality for the LGBTQ community and for all Lincoln residents. Prejudice and discrimination against anyone is always wrong and hurtful. It makes our whole community less than what we can be. If elected, I will support policies and legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations.