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Tammy has shown her compassion by tirelessly working for programs and facilities for seniors and veterans in the community. Her passion and compassion are genuine. Tammy has lived, worked, volunteered and worshiped in District 4. She knows the issues of the residents in the 20-some diverse neighborhoods and has worked with small businesses and major institutions.

City Councilman Carl ​Eskridge​

Tammy Ward is a leader for Lincoln’s future. Having worked with her over the years, I value her extensive experience, fair and thoughtful perspectives, and openness to hear all opinions and gather the facts. Tammy will be an exceptional member of the Lincoln City Council.

Former State Senator Kathy Campbell

As a long time registered non-partisan (Independent) voter, I value candidates for office at all levels who use their Nebraska values of fair play, cooperation and common sense to solve problems. I have known Tammy Ward since her time spent in Senator Ben Nelson’s office and know her to represent the values that I admire and respect. She has my moral and financial support and ultimately my vote.

Nick Cusick, past chair of Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and member of the Lincoln Airport Authority

Tammy Ward has spent her career working to ensure that everyone gets a fair share. She has worked to implement public policy that prioritizes people over politics. At the same time, she has demonstrated her commitment to those principles through her community service. Tammy has served non-profit and service organizations that make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable, which makes her the best candidate to represent District 4 on the Lincoln City Council.

County Commissioner Jennifer Brinkman

With her level of talent and experience, it is abundantly clear she will be an effective leader from day one.

Adam Schrunk, Lincoln Fire Fighters Association president